100% Renewable Energy is fortifying sustainability in Real Estate

100% Renewable Energy is fortifying sustainability in Real Estate

Real Estate has been thriving in India but the insufferable pollution levels urged everyone to think about sustainability. People are seeking ways to make everything eco-friendly so that they can reduce pollution levels and nurture nature. When the world is increasingly getting concerned about rising pollution levels.

Real estate developers are determined to make their projects sustainable using 100 percent renewable energy. DLF West has left no stone unturned to make its properties sustainable with 100 percent renewable energy.  It ensures that the construction work does not impact the environment and takes all possible measures to keep it to a minimum. DLF West focuses on 100% Renewable Energy because of the following reasons.

  1. Generates No Emissions

It generates no emissions in the environment as the burning of fossil fuels emits a lot of greenhouse gases. These gases not only pollute the air by adding harmful substances but they also increase the temperature on the earth. Ultimately, it is responsible for global warming on the planet which brings climatic crises.

  1. Lowers the Carbon Footprint

The use of renewable energy helps all the residents in the residential project and the business people in the commercial project to lower their carbon footprint. When the developer gets them the facilities to use such energies, they help nature to nurture. The residential projects in DLF West have solar power plants at a small scale to provide electricity to the common areas and this lowers the carbon footprints.

  1. Reduces Harmful Air Pollutants

When you don’t have to burn fossil fuels, you reduce the harmful air pollutants. All the projects in DLF South, make all the amenities available within the township and you don’t have to use your vehicles much which reduces the harmful air pollutants. Some of the projects have zero vehicular movement in the residential area helping the residents to breathe in clean air.

  1. Uses Less Water

The traditional ways of producing electricity use water because steam is produced to turn the turbines. This way a lot of water is used to produce electricity. By using another alternative to electricity in the form of renewable energy, you can also save water. Water is also an important natural resource as fossil fuels. The residential projects in DLF South focus on saving water as well by installing rainwater harvesting systems, water treatment plants, and solar power plants.

  1. Benefits the Economy

The last benefit does not imply protecting nature but indirectly it helps mankind by creating job opportunities. The installation of the systems for producing 100% Renewable Energy helps the people to get work. This way the developers are working towards the improvement of society by trying to build a healthy environment and opportunities to earn.

Sustainability in Construction

DLF South ensures the sustainability and safety of the workers during construction by placing a benchmark air filtration apparatus MERV-14 and a fully functional management & disaster room. The developer takes the safety and health of the workers as a priority. It has also received accolades for its attempts like LEED certification, United Nations SDGs, Goal 13 (Climate Action), and Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy).

Promoting a Sustainable Living

DLF South promotes sustainable living by using high-quality and eco-friendly materials for construction. It installs a water treatment plant in all the projects and so the used water is treated again to make it usable. This water is used to irrigate the landscapes and gardens. It also installs a rainwater harvesting plant to save the groundwater and the treated water is used for cleaning and washing purposes. In addition to this DLF South never faces the scarcity of water in any season.


DLF Privana West realizes its responsibility towards nature and tries its best to save natural resources. It also takes many sustainable measures to protect nature and serve mankind. By ensuring the use of 100% Renewable Energy in its projects, DLF Privana is serving Mother Earth in every possible way.

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